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Just a bunch of my favorite fonts. I don’t own any of these. Enjoy, and please like/reblog if using.

Code | Barcode | EXO | I Know a Ghost | Mensch | Neou | Orator | Ostrich Sans | Revolution | Telegrafico | Wisdom Script | Zombie Checklist

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Honestly, I don't have a tumblr account, but I love looking at your themes! You do such a wonderful job; They're absolutely lovely! :3

Oh, good heavens, thank you so much!! This is so incredibly kind, and messages like this are what keeps me going at it! ^ ^ Thank you very kindly for your commentary and support!! :D It is truly appreciated~ <33



After this post containing a list of theme-stealing and theme-redistributing blogs was created by theme-hunter, I happened to notice this very childish version of the post floating around on a few role-playing blogs. Those individuals, along with many others, don’t seem to…

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offlying-turtles asked: just wanted to say thank you for creating these beautiful layouts! :] <3 <3 <3

Awww, thank you so very very much!! Messages like these always make me smile ^ ^ I find them quite simple to be honest, but it warms my heart that others enjoy them to an extent such as yours. Thank you once again for the kind words and support! <3

iloveyoupatt-deactivated2014010 asked: Hello, I'm using the theme Distances :) Can I please edit the font size? Because it's too small for me and I can't read it that much. :( But I really love the theme ❤

Oh, absolutely! Editing font size is easy. All you have to do is find: body { in the coding by pressing ctrl + f and close beneath that, in that section you will see font-size: ___ All you have to do is enlarge that number to your liking, and the font size for the posts will change~ (^__^)/

sumidade-feminina asked: peguei o themer- Tema 6: Lua silenciosa

O_O My apologies, AJ only understands two languages and that would be English and Japanese, the only thing I can understand from your sentence is that you are referring to my 6th theme… /flails /cries T__T

irutiferes asked: hi, i have a problem with one of your themes (fly), i reqally like i, but i cant edit it, i dont know why, okay, thats all, thanks!

Oh, I see. What it appears your issue is the fact that my themes have no side appearance options. I apologize for that, because that can be quite a handful for beginners with html. If there’s something specifically you want to be edited, go ahead and tell me and I can help you out with that. Aye aye, I didn’t think anyone on planet earth would even take a look at that theme. It’s so ugly to me ;A; But, thank you so much anyways, I appreciate your consideration and interest!! ^ ^

Anonymous asked: I really love your themes however when I tried to use some of it, like "fly". It wasn't what I was expecting. My "own" picture/avatar wasn't showing up. How to get rid of the avatar you used? Thanks! :)

Hello there! Ah, thank you so very much! Well, with my themes, you have to edit everything using image urls within the html. In order to change the picture, go into the html coding, press ctrl + f to find : <div id=”sidepic”>

Then, below you should see a url there, that is for the photo. Now, you can just replace that with any url of your choice, whether it is your avatar image url, or anything else! Sorry for the late reply, I’m on somewhat of a semi-hiatus due to various extracuricular activites fghaskjkasdfghjkl

mackenzieshumbleblog-deactivate asked: About theme #5, how do you change the links? (closet theme BTW)

Ah yes, I get links questions A LOT. In order to change links in any theme, you must alter the html coding. You can check the faq for a more detailed description, however, if that does not help you, of course you can ask again and I’ll do my best to explain~~ *O*

beepbeepitsivymothertrukers asked: Hi, um, I'm new to tumblr.. I love your layouts! I did what you said to add a back ground but it didnt work :c And you see that "Move right" marquee thiny on the top of my page? Do you have any idea how I can get rid of that? I think I messed up my html .-. Thanks you so so much c:

Oh, I see. So you’re having trouble adding a background huh? Well, once again, all you gotta do is make sure you don’t accidentally take out any quotation marks. Also, there should not be quotation marks and parentheses around the url. It should always end with a semi colon and begin with a colon and ‘url’ ex:


These are just common mistakes I make when a background image does not work, so try double checking and then if you’re still having trouble, I can assist you further. Also, with the marquee, I would have to see which code you used in order to get it there, that way i can help you get rid of it. Or, you can replace your html code entirely with a new theme and just, start fresh if you would like, but it’s all up to you~ (^_^)/ I hope this will help you in some way and Thank you so much!!